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Sleeping Rituals

22 February 2016

Waking up feeling energised and rejuvenated is one of the life’s simple luxuries. We all know how deep and restorative sleep is vital to a healthy lifestyle. And with all the delightful distractions we face every day, getting enough sleep is easier said than done. We believe that developing a routine, one that you enjoy taking before bedtime every day, can help very well to stimulate a good night’s sleep. Here are few ideas we found along the way when developing our own. Try them out to see what works best for you to create your very personal beauty sleep ritual.

Start with setting your body clock. Going to bed and waking up at the same time every day of the week, will help you falling asleep faster and waking up easier. It will also help you to time your routine and feel more relaxed when dreaming away.

Prepare your body by choosing a light meal few hours ahead bedtime and avoid caffeine from early afternoon. If you need that extra push of energy, try an organic matcha tea or an energy-boosting juice, both have far greater health benefits than coffee.

While regular exercise helps to improve the quality of sleep, it’s recommended to avoid intense training in the evening. Choose relaxing and restorative workouts instead, like stretching or yoga.

Start dimming the room lights few hours ahead of sleep. Bright light signals our brain to be alert and awake. Same applies to blue-light produced by electronic devices. So switch off that laptop and away with your phone. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary, where you take time for yourself.

Reflect your day before you go to bed so that you can let go of worries and decisions and emerge in relaxation. Keeping a journal or making to-do lists for coming day is a good method to clear your mind. If writing doesn’t work for you, choose a quiet reflection practice like meditation or deep breathing exercises, visualization or listening to tranquil sounds can also be very soothing. Alternatively, a good book can also be a wonderful companion to help you escape the life’s concerns.

Lastly, why not try a little of aromatherapy? It’s easier than you might think. If you have the luxury of time, take a hot and cosy bath scented with therapeutic organic oils. We love the combination of jasmine and Brazilian rosewood, but there are many others to try out. You could also unwind your senses with the calming taste of a chamomile tea and a soothing spray of lavender scent onto your sheets and leave the world behind.

Sweet dreams…