Peace of Mind

We are dedicated to creating the finest quality products that are mindful of the environment, to provide you with the peace of mind that you are purchasing true luxury. It is therefore at the heart of our brand to ensure that every single step of our production is completed in a sustainable and ethical manner.


The Lula Green organic bed linen collection adheres to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), which is recognised as the world’s leading independent certification body for organic fabric manufacturing. While most certifications apply only to the fabric or fibres, GOTS certifies the entire supply chain of the product. Starting from the cotton seed through to the final confection, all steps in the journey of our linen have achieved the high-level environmental and social criteria of the GOTS.

The standard requires that no synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are used during the cotton farming process. It prohibits genetically modified (GM) seeds and supports organic agriculture methods that keep the soil healthy and the ground water clean.

Eliminating toxins from farming not only respects the surrounding ecosystem, but also helps workers avoid contact with the chemicals that cause severe health issues to millions of non-organic farmers worldwide.

 Throughout every stage of the production, core International Labour Organisation (ILO) conventions are met to ensure fair working conditions: child labour, discrimination, working hours, fair wages and more.

Our partner factories have wastewater treatment plants, and all of the processing inputs are highly regulated to meet the stringent toxicity and biodegradability standards. This ensures a minimal environmental impact.

During the fabric processing any known harmful chemicals are forbidden, so you can rest assured that your organic sheets are free from toxic, carcinogenic and allergenic chemical residues. Woven and finished in Italy our products are certified by the ICEA, which is the Italian representative of the GOTS.


We are taking every effort to go beyond the organic certification standard by always choosing the cleanest option available. Where possible, we source locally and work with family-run businesses and craftsmen helping to preserve their skills for future generations. Every detail counts, every step leaves a footprint.

Our carefully chosen product boxes and printed materials are handmade in England using acid-free FSC certified and recycled paper. The printing inks we use are vegetable based and non-toxic. All of our packaging and stationery is either recyclable or biodegradable, and we use zero plastic.


Every Lula Green purchase is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity that holds a unique number. This number is logged in the Lula Green Product Register, which allows us to document every aspect of our product's life cycle. This means we can track back the history of the yarn used and guarantee its genuine quality.

You can always recognise an original Lula Green fabric by its unique care label. It is made of 100% silk, woven on an Italian jacquard loom and hand finished in England.