Our Story

Our homes tell stories of the journeys we have taken throughout our lives; around the world and within our hearts. They treasure collections of our memories, mirror our sense of style and reflect our inner beliefs.

Creating a home that is mindful and refined is the inspiration that set us off on our journey to create Lula Green. Our story began back in 2014 with a dream to choose wellbeing for both ourselves and our planet, without having to compromise on style.

It felt natural to begin with the bedroom: the most intimate place in our house and a sanctuary to where we retreat, reunite and feel at peace.

Seeking out the excellence in textile tradition, our journey brought us to Italy. Here we have worked together with generations of textile heritage through a family of modern craftsmen that share our vision of sustainable luxury. The result is a collection of bold yet soft, colourful yet natural organic bed sheets with qualities to delight even the most discerning eco-conscious clientele.

An organic home is not about fast fashion. Our products are made to last and become heirlooms that can be passed on to future generations. Handmade by Italian artisans from the finest organic materials, they are afforded the time and the skill they deserve.

We believe that the choices we make throughout our life have an impact, not only on ourselves, but on the people around us and the wider environment. It is therefore our responsibility to be mindful with everything we do.

We believe that true style can only exist with substance and our dream is to share this belief to help redefine the way we perceive the true luxury of our home.