"Adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience." R. Emerson

Craftsmanship and patience go hand in hand. A craftsman must have the passion and patience to obtain their skill and to execute their creation with meticulous attention to detail.

Italians are undoubtedly the world leaders in textile manufacturing and true masters of their craft. At Lula Green, we work with a family-run textile manufacturer located in the heart of an Italian province where the rich tradition of textiles dates back to the Middle Ages. We use the finest organic extra-long staple cotton to make the highest quality yarn; the same yarn that is used by world leading Italian shirt makers.

The passion and expertise of our experienced seamstresses starts the moment that our fabric leaves the loom. Every step of their process is curated by hand, right up to the folding of the linen. It takes up to 7 hours to finish one Lula Green bed linen set and we are proud that every piece of our organic collection is handmade and unique.

We ensure that all of our suppliers share our values: to create exceptional quality products using sustainable resources that are healthy for both the planet and those we share it with. We believe that with passion and patience, we can attain a new emerging craft. The craft of sustainable living.