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Spring Blooms

19 March 2016

After a long grey winter, spring is in the air and we are craving fresh seasonal look for the home. British spring is a season of uplifting fragrant blossoms in countless variations of colour. Enhancing your home naturally with flowers is the perfect way to add fresh new accents to your interior while bringing the outside in.
Seasonal flowers should not just be considered as decoration. Certainly they can make almost any place beautiful, but they are also a great way for us to connect with what’s going on in nature which can, of course, be difficult in an urban lifestyle.
Remember to choose organically grown flowers, they are better for the environment and will not contribute to the indoor air pollution of your home. So let’s bring some spring indoors, here are our favourite 5 spring blooms:

Magnolias are one of the season’s most glamorous blossoms. In full bloom, their huge silky petals, ranging from pure white to deepest purple, create a magnificent display with a heady scent. They would steal the show of any other flower and are therefore best displayed on their own. Unfortunately, these beauties prefer the outdoors and the blossoming branches will only last a few days when cut. They are a stylish choice for a special occasion adding just enough drama without stealing the limelight from the overall space. Position them wisely to allow their dazzling creamy sweet scent to take over the room and enjoy their beauty while it lasts.

Admired for its fragrance as much as for its beautiful appearance, Lily of the Valley is a symbol of springtime and happiness. It’s the favourite flower of Christian Dior that inspired his entire 1954 spring collection; a favourite in bridal bouquet worn by Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and Kate Middleton; an inspiration to countless jewellery and fabric designers. It has this gorgeous little bell-shaped blooms and a mysterious delicate fragrance. Many of the big perfume houses have attempted to replicate its scent which is impossible to be extracted from the flower. It’s never quite the same as the fresh bloom. Arranged indoors a little posy might have a quiet visual appearance, but they will announce their presence with an enigmatic sweet scent.

The magic of the lilac comes in many wonderful colour variations, perfect for creating tonal arrangements that highlight the different hues. With its romantic aura and the fresh scent of spring, a display of lilacs will create a welcoming centrepiece in a country chic entryway. When the days become warmer use the painterly lilacs outdoors for an effortless styling of your entertaining space.

If you like a vivid hit of colour without an overwhelming scent, forsythia is hard to beat for its vibrant yellow colour and a muted – if any – fragrance. The upright branches covered in strongly coloured yellow flowers will make a bold statement in a dark contemporary interior. In light neutral spaces forsythia will brighten the air and lift the mood. In colour psychology yellow is known for promoting the feeling of happiness and stimulating creativity and communication. With that in mind, forsythia is a great choice for the family room, study or kitchen.

Peonies are one of the most beautiful flowers to grace your home. When it comes to displaying those sumptuous blooms, less is often more. The colour and flower selection is exquisite. Choose lighter hues for a beautifully soft and feminine touch and darker purples for a majestic statement. One cannot help but fall in love with the magnificent charm of a peony bouquet. English peonies will flower into June and announce the beginning of the summer.