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Creating a Bedroom Snactuary

21 February 2016

More than any other room in your house your bedroom should be a sanctuary, a healthy environment for body and mind. While we sleep our bodies process and recover from the past day – detoxing from the mental and physical stresses.

Creating the right sleeping environment can support your nightly recovery as well as rewarding you with a welcoming space that is a joy to experience. Here, we focus on the often overlooked consideration of air quality.

Clean air is one of the most important components of a healthy home and pollution can come from a wide range of places. Be mindful of the objects you bring into your bedroom where possible choose natural fibres which have been organically and sustainably grown and produced.

Remember that even a natural fibre might have undergone a chemical treatment and could potentially be emitting harmful substances. Choose natural sealants and paints for your flooring and walls and pay attention the finishes used on your furniture.

Being closest to you while sleeping and focal point of your room your bed is the obvious place to make the first change. All the elements of your bed should be as clean as possible. Thankfully, there are plenty of choices on the market, from antique and bespoke bedframes, through to organic mattresses and bedsheets.

If the concept of a healthy home is new to you, start small and don’t just exchange old for new but whatever you do make sure the decisions you make are conscious ones for a healthier you.