Defining Quality

22 March 2016

When it comes to choosing high-quality bed sheets, it is not only the thread count that is important. While the general rule is “the higher the thread count the better the sheets”, it is the quality of the yarn and the skill of the weave and the finishing that will define the nature of your sheets.

There are many types of cotton available on the market: Egyptian, Pima and Giza, to name just a few. These names and trademarks represent a mix of plant species and growing region which can also be misleading. The best cotton, known as extra-long staple cotton, has very long silky fibres, which are spun into yarn. Within each species, even the world-renowned Egyptian cotton, there are many different grades of quality (or staple length). In simple terms, the longer the fibres, the finer and stronger the yarn it can produce, enabling a weave with a higher thread count and a smoother feel.

Lula Green sheets are made using only the finest organic extra-long staple cotton, creating a yarn of the highest quality grade destined mainly for luxury shirting, producing a refined texture and an unmistakably luxurious feel.

When it comes to weaving of the fabric, we rely on the expertise of the Italian textile heritage. Italians are world-renowned as master weavers and their excellence in fabric-finishing are closely guarded company secrets handed down from one generation to the next. Finishing is the final process that gives the sheet its ultimate colour and softness, and has the final impact on the durability and texture of the sheets.

Remember, the true quality of bedding sheets is defined by the finesse of the yarn and the excellence of the production techniques.